Remove My Mobile Number from All Websites

The Internet is the wider network that allows computer networks around the world run by companies, governments, universities and other organizations to talk to one another. 

The result is a mass of cables, computers, data centers, routers, servers, repeaters, satellites and wifi towers that allows digital information to travel around the world.

It is that infrastructure that lets you order the weekly shop, share your life on Facebook, stream Outcast on Netflix, email your aunt in the Phlippines and search the web for the cutest dog. 

Why you should keep your personal information away from the Internet

You may know that every information you put in on the Internet is somehow being stored. But, most people don’t realize how far they take it. 

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically reduce Google’s tracking. Additionally, you can learn how to remove your personal information from the Internet.

Wanting to learn how to remove your mobile number from all websites is a step toward data privacy.

But first, what exactly are they tracking? Unlike searching on Yahoo, when you search on Google, they keep your search history forever

That means, they know every search you’ve ever done on Google. That alone is pretty scary, but it’s just the shallow end of the very deep pool of data that they try to collect on people.

They’re still trying to discover as much as they can about you even if you don’t use any Google products directly. That’s what most people don’t realize. 

Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites. This means they’re also trying to track most everywhere you go on the Internet, trying to slurp up your browsing history!

How to remove mobile number from all websites

You can personally contact the website. Contact the owner of the website if you want your personal information removed from the Internet or Google.

How to contact owner of the website:

  • Find a “Contact us” link often found at the bottom of the website’s homepage. It could be in a form of email address, number, or direct inquiry to the website.
  • You can try contacting the website’s hosting company to help you remove your personal information on Google.
  • Use Whois. Go to Google and search for whois and then the name of the website. This will show you the email address of the site owner under Registrant Email or Administrative Contanct.
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In addition, Google may also remove personal information under certain regulations: 

  • You can request to remove non-consensual explicit or intimate personal images from Google
  • Also, removal requests about involuntary fake pornography from Google
  • Certainly, you can request to remove personal information on sites with exploitative removal practices from Google
  •  Fourth, removal requests on select financial, medical and national ID information from Google
  • Lastly, removal requests about “doxxing” content — content exposing contact information with an intent to harm
The best company to help you remove personal information from the Internet

There are a few ways you can try to remove your personal information from the Internet. But, usually it takes time, and a lot of e-mails and maybe a few angry calls. 

Doing it yourself is also a very unsure way of removing personal information from the Internet. You can give it time and effort and still may end up with nothing. 

If you want to remove your mobile number from all websites or any other information, this is the best company: All Of Your Data

All Of Your Data is the best company to help you remove personal information from all websites. 

Do you have any old pictures or videos that you can’t remove from the Internet? 

Maybe someone lied about you and posted it all over social media? 

Or maybe there are something floating on the Internet that you don’t like future employers to see? 

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